Chilli Penguin Stoves
Chilli Penguin Stoves
Meet the Penguins.....designed and manufactured in North Wales, Chilli Penguin's top quality stoves do what they say they will and do it well.
Charnwood Country 4
Chilli Billie
The Chilli Billie is the baby of the Chilli Penguin family but do not be deceived by its small size - it gives a nominal heat output of up to 3kw!
ACR Rowandale
Hungry Penguin
The Hungry Penguin is the original Chilli Penguin, and its a stove that does it all - keeps you warm, cooks your dinner and boils your kettle.
ACR Malvern
The Woody
The Woody is a popular choice of stove, its generous size allows for a longer length of log than other 5kw stoves.
Woodwarm Wildwood 5kw
Chubby 5
As with all Chilli Penguin stoves, The Chubby 5 offers excellent efficiency and style, but with a little more chunkiness than its other family members.
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